It is a good thing! Courier and Slate “cancelled”

HP has “cancelled” the Slate.  Microsoft has “cancelled” the Courier.  I think there needs to be a discussion on what “cancelled” means in each of these statements.

While it is true that HP will not release the Slate tablet PC with Windows 7, I doubt the project is dead.  Pointing back to my recent statements, I submit that HP will most likely put a mobile operating system on hardware that is similar to what the Slate offered.  They may change and use a processor that is more mobile friendly, provide for solid state storage, provide a solid sync strategy and provide a channel for users to buy applications.  I am very encouraged by these events as I think they will make the next revision of the Slate a better product for consumers.

I am also encouraged by news regarding the Courier, with a caveat, I’m not sure Microsoft ever intended to produce the device.  My concern about Microsoft’s intent aside, I think Microsoft taking another look at the direction of such a device at this point is the right move.  Making changes to a rocket on the launch pad is much easier than trying to make changes to a rocket after it has been launched!  Microsoft needs to compete with the iPad and I think they can, if they re-think their mobile strategy.  As it stands now, Windows Phone 7 is limited to two (2) screen resolutions, neither of which will allow it to be viable competitor for a tablet form factor.  This limitation is artificial, political and should be removed.  Removing artificial barriers such as this could put Microsoft in a competitive position in the tablet space.


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